PSU Passport Version 2
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PSU Passport for Student
PSU Passport Service ?
  Student can use PSU Passport to sign in service :
1. Student Information Service (
1.1 Student Profile
1.2 Search Subject
1.3 Search Schedule (Learn, Exam)
1.4 Search other Student Profile
1.5 Registration and Payment
1.6 View Grade
2. Web Mail (Office365 : Microsoft Mail)
3. Register Google Apps with PSU Passport (Google Apps for Education)
PSU Passport Registration ?
  Student will get PSU Passport in first semester and account no expire date. But student information service (SIS) and VPN can not use after graduate/retire more than 90 days. After this period, please contact registrar division. (Your account can use Internet,PSU WiFI and Office365,Google Apps with no password expire)
Forget Password or Problem with PSU Passport ?
  1. Contact PSU Computer Center Staff or Tel: 074-28-2082 or E-Mail :
2. If forget your password. You can regist change password system with email or question-answer by yourself more info at
Change Password by yourself ?
  First time password will be your passport book number. After first use, system will be force to change new password. You can change your password by yourself at